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About Us

We build for you

Gestion Unic Construction

Stevens Routhier, David Marchand and Jean-Simon Boutin are three real estate enthusiasts, each having developed unique expertise in the field.


Stevens Routhier is a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) who has several self-constructions to his credit. His accounting and financial skills as well as his years of experience have allowed him to manage his construction projects with remarkable precision.


For his part, David Marchand is co-owner of DP Marchand, a family door and window company founded in 1979. His involvement in various construction projects over the years reflects his dedication and passion. As a supplier of doors and windows, he knows the importance of details and quality in construction.

Jean-Simon Boutin has 12 years of extensive experience in the construction industry, including self-built house projects. For 9 years he excelled in installing interior systems, demonstrating leadership as a foreman for 5 of those years. In addition, he also has 3 years of experience in house framing and interior finishing. His well-rounded experience positions him as a seasoned professional with a unique blend of practical expertise.


Our values


We strive to achieve excellence in the execution of our projects, the delivery of our services and the management of our internal processes to exceed the expectations of our partners.


We consider our suppliers, subcontractors and customers as partners with whom we negotiate in a spirit of mutual collaboration. We firmly believe in the importance of relationships based on transparency, trust and cooperation.


Innovation is at the heart of our approach, driving continuous improvements to increase efficiency, strengthen competitiveness; and guarantee the quality of our works, while aiming for the satisfaction of our customers.


We attach paramount importance to compliance with occupational health and safety standards. We encourage all stakeholders to actively support preventative measures at our work sites.


Our mission

Your trusted partner

We aspire to become your trusted partner for all your construction and renovation projects in the vast metropolitan region of Montreal. We are committed to standing out in both the residential and commercial sectors. Through a competent and versatile team, our objective is to provide exceptional quality service, thus contributing to the development and satisfaction of our customers.

Our vision

Build with passion and precision

The fundamental vision of Gestion Unic is to complete construction projects of all sizes. Our approach is based on a strategic and meticulous organization of our work teams, where the skills and expertise of each person are put forward. In this way, we ensure the profitability of the company while fully meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers.

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